Thursday, 29 April 2010

A 2nd Chance......

I don't remember doing anything noteably bad recently.
'God', however, decided to ignore my polite request for this and spite me by gifting it to Sophie Dahl to flaunt on the television in a self-indulgent, post-Nigella-Lawson-esque, erotic, snooty, food fest...(I only saw one episode so it may have got better, and I am, admittedly, a little envious)
I have, however, decided to give 'god' a chance to make it up to me in the form of...this apartment:
...just if you can find the time...please?

Images: Douglas Friedman

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Glasgow Boys

'The Glasgow Boys' were a group of young painters who rebelled against impressionism in the late 19th century. James Guthrie, E A Hornel, George Henry, Joseph Crawhall, John Lavery and Arthur Melville all had studios in Glasgow and were great friends. Their work was rejected by London and Edinburgh art circles, as they painted real people in rural scenes, and experimented with symbolic art (before Klimt etc), although the Glasgow Art markets loved it.
The exhibiton is at The Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow and shows some never-before-seen paintings from private collections.
This sort of work may not be what you'd expect to see on my blog but 'The Glasgow Boys' were revolutionary in their time, and I'm a patriotic Glasgow girl so I plan on going along next week. My parents have already been and thoroughly enjoyed it! Who's keen?

Hard at It (1883) by Sir James Guthrie

The Druids – Bring in the Mistletoe (1890) by George Henry and EA Hornel

From April 2010 till September 2010.
Click here for ticket information, and go to The List for more on The Glasgow Boys.
Images from

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Layers of timber pivot on an axis to make up this breathtaking, curtain inspired, door to a diamond dealer's house in India.
I can't stop staring....
The rough, opaque concrete on the facade of the house mimics a diamond in its initial mined state where the translucent illuminated onyx in the interior represents the diamond when cut, polished and ready for sale.
via Matharoo Architects
photos by Dinesh Mehta
via @iheartwoody and
i HEART wood

Monday, 26 April 2010

Foscarini and Diesel

I've always been a fan of Italian lighting designers, Foscarini. They produce some beautiful designs. It was always a treat when the rep popped by the office with a smoked glass pendant, or the like, as most of the pieces are better appreciated in the flesh.
My favourite design from Foscarini's product range still has to be Allegro (2007), though I am delighted to see that last year, they launched Allegretto, a smaller version more suitable for domestic interiors (although definitely still an 'investment piece'!)



In 2009, Foscarini paired up with Italian fashion label Diesel to create a range called Successful Living and the result is pretty spectacular. A Diesel store opened in Glasgow when i was a teenager so of course it was THE place to shop, but i soon grew out of the clothes (and so did my chest!)
The young, industrial edginess of the fashion label has fused with Foscarini's elegant design and masterful use of materials, namely glass, producing some stunning pieces.

Rock suspension lamp, Cage table lamp, Glas table lamp

Cage table lamp and suspension lamp in a range of colours

Glas suspension and table lamp

All images found at Foscarini

Friday, 23 April 2010

New do...

After our wedding I had a hair cut. I told my trusted hair stylist to do what she wanted and ended up with a wavy bob...low maintenance, high impact! It worked a treat, suited me and I loved it! However, my husband, being a typical man, was fairly disappointed. No matter how many people told me how great my hair looked my husband was forever upset that it wasn't long enough to swish against the back of my knees (not that it ever had been)!
Now that it's all grown out, and having never gone out of my way solely to please a man in my life, I am very tempted to get it all chopped off again...
I love this girl's look; head to toe.
I'm fairly far from pulling off the 6' clothes rack effect but I reckon I could do the hair...what do you think?
Image found on Facehunter

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Boys Boys Boys!

Two weeks ago my husband's little sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! The wonderful Xavier is our fourth nephew on the other side of the world and we can't wait to meet him and see the other three gorgeous boys again! So, in honour of the lack of baby girls, I thought I'd post this fantastic wallpaper, specifically designed for boys from tots to teens.
PaperBoy was started by Victoria when her twin boys grew out of their toddler bedrooms. She - and her boys - wanted something a little more sophisticated so after a lot of research into what boys of different ages like, she came up with a few designs and had them hand crafted.
The hands are my favourite!
The wallpaper can be seen and purchased here

Covetable Cutlery

Spanish designers Clara del Portillo and Alejandro Selma entered this beautiful cutlery into the competition entitled 'Beyond Silver' last year
This was the brief for the brief:
we are looking for functional and prestigious silverware with a new twist.
innovative, must-have, high-value home accessories, tableware, utensils- made of silver.
you are invited to participate with new designs, timeless gifts, new material combinations as silver & wood, stone, leather, plastic,... new production methods and glamorous new applications.
(sorry, fashion and jewelry items excluded!)
The designers' explanation:
The silver cutlery is a symbol of elegance and it has been used in banquets and important tables for several years. The sense of fashion and aesthetics has changed and most of these cutleries have been saved. Natural gives a new air to silver cutlery making it current and modern without giving up elegance. It has been sought a mixture of two noble materials; its merger with wood brings a warm air to the set. Natural also takes into account the new global mergers in the kitchen and includes utensils from different cultures

Found via @r27

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lonny Online Magazine

US Interiors magazine Lonny is packed full of articles, trends, accessories and inspirational trees were killed in the making of this magazine, as it's all online! Which also means it's free (apart from the broadand connection fee)! Be warned...You could lose an afternoon flicking through it!
This is my favourite interior from this month's issue...

a 'grown up' living room with curved sofas and colourful artwork...
marble table, modern classic chairs and mirrored panels in the dining area...
the dark panelling with the bright upholstered chaise...

This upper east side, New York townhouse belongs to designer, Laura Day.
All images from Lonny Magazine

Kitchen News II {Apple Crisps}

{News and reviews from my kitchen, also known as my husband's laboratory Vol. II}
As explained in a previous post, my husband is in the drinks trade. He often experiments in our kitchen, blending flavours, experimenting with garnishes, and generally making a mess.
These apple crisps were to garnish a drink at a recent distillery function, where he was asked to present a drink using the distillery's blended whisky.
They're so easy to prepare and make a great healthy snack (when not floating in a whisky based cocktail!).
Once again, I took pictures and got in the way...

Thinly slice the apples on a mandolin
Squeeze lemon juice over them to stop the going brown
Smother each slice in sugar syrup (half sugar half water: boil for 2 minutes then cool) and lay flat on a greaseproof baking sheet
cover with another greaseproof layer to keep them from curling and put in the oven on a very low heat (100 degrees) for about 4 hours...keep an eye on them though!
These were in a little too long and came out a bit dark
...but were very tasty!

Unfortunately these didn't make it to the function as they were too dark but we enjoyed them none-the-less!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tossed & Found

I have junk envy. A while ago my sister spotted a hunk of wood in a skip near my parents house and it turned out to be the most awesome rocking chair. It now has upholstered cushions as well as a brand new home. Inspired? Here's a creative couple who have made a killing out of other people's rubbish.
Wary Meyers are a husband and wife creative team. Their book 'Tossed & Found' follows their ethos of “reduce, reuse, recycle” with step by step 'how to' guides. There's even penned sketches of each concept, which I always like to see.

I love this upcycled dresser. Everyone needs a home for their pantalons! So if you have an old set of drawers, some extra wood lying around, the time, the space, the motivation and a scroll saw...get cracking!

Get the book here

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Funny Fruit

I have sent this card more than once. The only problem is I can't remember who to. I can't stop buying it because it makes me laugh, out loud, EVERY time. The tomato one too.

Get it and more, from Coaba online or at the shop on Raeburn Place, Edinburgh.
Is it just me?
Do you remember the Del Monte adverts?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Three Times a Charm

A couple of weeks ago, an old school friend contacted me through facebook and requested 3 handwritten copies of this lovely poem to give as gifts. What Words Alone Can't Say, by Nathan Wende was read at her surprise wedding!! They fooled friends and family by inviting them to their 'engagement party'. I love that idea!!
I wrote each out on light-weight, white, line textured paper (my favourite kind) and although they look pretty similar there are slight differences in all three, which i love.

They were framed in contemporary white frames with an off white border. What do you think?
If you would like anything handwritten please get in touch. Check out some other examples here.
My email address can be found here.
All photographs were taken by me.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Actual Satchel

So...apparently satchels are cool again(?)
Don't get me wrong a beautifully hand crafted leather bag will always have a warm, dry pedestal in my wardrobe but I need to channel my inner 15 year old French exchange student before donning anything that dangles at hip height with a strap across my grown up chest!
However, I may have found my inspiration...take a look at these beauties from Henry Tomkins Leather. Hand crafted designs made by Henry himself in his workshop in Exeter.
This Reporter bag is singing Frere Jaques to me...
Reporter Bag
Back to Back Bag
The Full Monty

Isn't 'The Full Monty' straight out of some old film, belonging to a handsome man, standing in a train station...?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Crosby Street Hotel, NYC

The husband and I have agreed for sometime now that if the opportunity to live in New York should ever arise, there wouldn't be any need for a debate. We'd be ready; bags packed, doggy passport sorted, hands poised and waiting for bagel and 'cwafee' to be inserted...yes please!
In this fantasy life overhaul (humour me on this) I'd imagine we'd need somewhere to lay our excited noggins as we searched for the perfect apartment, dogwalker, job etc.
As much as I hate to inject a little reality into this daydream, I doubt very much we'd be checking in to the beautiful 11 storey Crosby Street Hotel. I don't see anything on the website about allowing 28kilo boxer dogs to rest their weary heads on the high thread count linen let alone relieve themselves in the sculpture garden...(nothing to do with the rates of course)!
We'd very happily settle for afternoon tea or a Sunday night film in the screening room...
Tim and Kit Kemp already have a portfolio of hotels in London. The Crosby Street Hotel is their 1st venture across the pond and opened in October 2009. Interiors are by Kit Kemp.
Click on the pictures for a closer look
Available to book here and here

Taking Liberties...

I know I'm a little late on this bandwagon but...
Quilts 1700-2000 exhibition is on at the Victoria & Albert Museum now till 4th July. Liberty Art Fabrics and the V & A shop have collaborated on a limited collection featuring designs from quilts in the collection.
I've seen this collection a few times on the blogosphere & beyond but I always stop and stare at this one.
'Shells' is taken from a patchwork coverlet composed of block-printed cottons of the 1780s and 1790s. Made in Britain, dated 1797.

Available from Liberty and the V & A shop
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