Thursday, 30 August 2012

A little bit of sunshine...

So, that's it. It's the end of August and we didn't get a massive amount of sunshine (nor did I get much blogging done, sorry!). If you follow me on Instagram (@yeahokbye) you'll know that I unabashedly wear my Havaianas in the rain (it's a skill) and you will learn that I abstain from socks till well into the autumnal months. A stranger once commented on my stubborn footwear ways in late October.
So, in the spirit of ignoring the chill, already in the air, I've compiled a little collection of yellow brights to add a ray or two to your home (and handbag collection - I can't help myself).
A little splash of colour on a neutral palette can lift an entire room. From neon to mustard, if any colour can do it, yellow can!

Image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Pattern fabric: Jurmo, Marimekko
1 Nanet cushion cover 2 Sunshine Yellow Omaggio Vase 3 Colour Rings Bowl 4 Mr. Bright Chair 5 Multi Weave Betty clutch 6 Twiggy floor lamp

Monday, 20 August 2012


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Friday, 17 August 2012

Scottish Ceramics and the Festival

So far this festival, I haven't been able to soak up much in the way of festivities. One year, I promise I'm gonna post some great tips and must-sees but so far this year, I've done some wondering, seen one incredible play and taken my aunt to see this pottery. Hopefully we'll be able to get some comedy in by the end of the month...
From my limited festivities, my recommendation is the tiny studio and gallery in my part of Edinburgh, Adam Pottery. Its a must for any ceramic lover all year round with traditional and contemporary Scottish ceramicists, working on their collections in the studios on site. This festival, the space is an official Edinburgh Fringe venue showing and selling some beautiful pieces. My absolute favourite work there is by Lara Scobie. The colours, textures and shapes got me a little excited and let's just say; that amazing tall stripy jug; it's no longer available...if you know what I mean...
images are from Lara's facebook page 
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