Monday, 23 July 2012


I want all of these awesome storage sacks! Definitely one for all the baby's toys but I'm thinking bathroom storage too...and maybe even for the kitchen...and the bedroom...
available from here 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Zoo

I thought I'd had my fill of all things safari after visiting Edinburgh Zoo (for the first time) a couple of weeks ago, but by the looks of theses photographs, it appears I'm still drawn to interiors with skins, patterns and textures inspired by the kingdom of animals. I went with quite a few members of my family, some of which were over from Australia, to see the famous pandas. As exciting as the pandas were, my highlight were those of another monochromatic nature.........As the heavy rain of the Scottish summer drenched us, my mum and I, separated from the group and pushed a sleeping Sebastian, in his plastic covered pushchair, to the top of a ridiculously steep incline, to see the zebras. There were five of them, all sheltering from the rain, standing under the viewing platform. They were beautiful...perfect. And so close. It was the end of the day and the zoo keepers started calling them up to their shed. The zebras ignored them for a while but after a couple of whistles, they flicked their stripey, funnel-like ears and trotted up the field like obedient dogs. Magnificent.
The point of my rambling? Inspiration from nature in design is, as always, excellent. I love the giraffe inspired rug in this beautiful, masculine interior. 
Much to my disappointment, there are no giraffes at Edinburgh Zoo (Sebastian had a toy giraffe with him on the day to compensate), if there were, they may have stolen the show but for now, the zebras the rain. 
P.S. The shiny, wet hippos (mum, dad and baby) grazing, came in at a close second place.
Interior photographs by the super talented Phillip K. Erickson. Zebra photograph by me on my iPhone 4, then edited with Instagram.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

La Maison D'Anna G.

It's time to polish up on your French as, Paris based, Scandinavian design lover, Anna, of the gorgeous blog 'La Maison D'Anna G', has opened an online shop with the same name. Stocked to the hilt with interior goodies from the likes of Hay, By Nord and Afroart, along with pieces by some awesome designers, the shop has a strong Scandinavian influence, as does Anna, having been born in Sweden. It's been difficult to choose but here are some of my favourite bits and pieces available....

Oh, AND she ships get your Euros out...!

clockwise from top left : fold unfold multicolour tablecloth | valentina multicolour cushion | 7 piece desktop boxes | black pipe wall lamp |  square oak tray | typography poster 'D' | dark oak bird | twinkle little bat box

Friday, 6 July 2012


Ok, so I know that our summer so far hasn't got anyone in the mood for garden furniture but I've seen some pretty funky rattan about recently...none so funky as the Marni collection, however. Trademark colour blocking in this summer's super hot hues mixed up with mid-century shapes...Marni have nailed it! It's a rattan revival! Seriously though, these chairs are part of a project; they're made by Colombian prisoners as part of a rehabilitation programme. Find out more here.
image from Anticamera (issue *2), Marni's online magazine

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bathroom Envy II

...As promised, here's my favourite room from the London designers' house I posted here, yesterday. Awesome.
photography by James Balston 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

London Interior

I was pretty speechless when I came across these photographs of  Interior Designer, Shaun Clarkson and fabric designer, Paul Brewster's London home by James Balston. There are too many awesome features, like the painted floors and the glazed panels, to mention but there's one room that I'm saving for its very own post...because it blew me away! Come back tomorrow to see it! 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Beady Beauties

Check out this jewellery by Alyson Fox, an Austin, Texas-based maker, sculptor, designer, photographer, artist... it seems there's very little she can't do. My favourite is the cobalt blue geometry pendant...I never get bored of that colour! Oh, and the awesome pattern is an excerpt from a print of hers which is sold out everywhere...obviously. 
available here
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