Saturday, 3 July 2010


I'm asking a little favour...

For our 1st anniversary my husband and I have booked a (very) short trip to Paris this summer. Time is tight and eating times and shopping slots are filling up quickly, as we plan our trip. I have been a couple of times before but it will be my husband's 1st visit (apart from the Paris Bar show) and we are also meeting my father-in-law, who will be visiting Europe from Australia.
We're already looking forward to Sunday brunch at Le Fumoir, bellini's at Harry's bar and checking out Jean Paul Gaultier's apartment design for Elle Decoration as well as the usual Eiffel Tower and Louvre visits etc...
Any suggestions for bars, markets, shops & galleries, off the beaten track would be massively appreciated. My husband is a massive comic book fan, so any cool french comic stores would earn me extra brownie points!
Please leave a comment or drop me an email...thank yoooou x


  1. Hey! Make sure you go to the Tour montpasnesse! No queues, and straight to the top and you have the best view of paris with the Eiffel tower in it.

    here's the view from one of my trips

    It's great to go at around 9pm and staying till the sun goes down and all the lights of paris coming on, so beautiful :)

    There's also a great store to check out called colette. I could give you so many tips i'm Paris obsessed :)

    I hope you have a great time

  2. Thank you CCC!
    Both suggestions sound awesome and your flickr photographs are beautiful!!
    ....keep 'em comin!

    Thank you!
    LGS x

  3. If you haven't gone yet, check out - it has plenty of great suggestions for 'off the beaten track' bars, restaurants, galleries, shops, boutiques etc. I second the suggestion to visit Colette, as well as Kitsune and many of the vintage/ thrift shops listed on the website. Ofr is a great bookshop (/gallery) for lovers of design. Librairie 7L is also worth a visit - it's Lagerfeld‘s Bookshop :) Not sure about comic book stores, but Les Archives de la Presse may interest him - I'm sure some rare comics are to be found in there. Have a thorough look through that website as there's always great exhibitions etc listed. Enjoy! x


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