Friday, 21 December 2012

Cabin Fever

Take a look at the beautiful photographs, by Brian Ferry of The Blue Hour, of his friend's cabin in the Angeles National Forest in southern California. Quite possibly the perfect and most whimsical place to spend the festive period. Where ever you're spending yours, I hope you have a lovely family friends and food filled few days. Merry Christmas. x
For more Cabins, check out Cabin Porn.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012

My Stylin'

Last week I set up a couple of little corners in two very different spaces for a feature I've been asked to do about the trends for the new year for Edinburgh's property paper. One little corner was in my flat and the other was in The Last Word Saloon. I had lots of fun styling the shots with photographer, Rachel Hein, and the results are better than I'd expected so I'm pretty excited about seeing them, in print, in January.
I borrowed the cushions, the red 'birdie' lamp and that beautiful, white metal framed side table from Catalog in Stockbridge; my new favourite shop. It was very difficult to give that table living room is a lesser place without it. I have notified Santa...
The little art deco table with blue painted top was borrowed from Cherubim, a great little gallery on St Stephen Street with an ever changing stock of interesting upcycled furniture for sale. It's always worth a visit for an unusual statement piece.
The antlers were visiting my flat from The Last Word and the rest of the stuff is mine...received as gifts, bought, found or inherited over the years. 
I promise to share the final shots and pictures of the feature when it's been printed but in the meantime here's a sneaky peak of how the day went from behind the scenes.
If you reeeeaaaaally can't wait you can see some of the shots here
Main photograph by Rachel Hein, the rest were taken by me.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Home Stylin'

Check out this great interior styled by Emily Henderson. I love the easy mix of white walls with richer darker corners and the bright pops of colour. This, to me, is a great 'home', bursting with the family's personality and character. The gallery walls, layered textures and glass pendants give it such a relaxed, welcoming feel. That's a great way to hang kid's pictures too!
Photography by Bethany Duart

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rachel Hein Photography

It's almost a whole year ago, that Rachel Hein came to our home and took these amazing photographs (amongst others) of Sebastian and Kingston. Sebastian was six months old and we wanted to have some beautiful pictures to record this stage of our lives. Aren't they great?
Rachel was so relaxed and after a chat and a cuppa she started snapping away. We weren't even in the room for this shot! Kingston is such a nosey dog (typical boxer), that he had to 'oversee' and slowly edged his way into the limelight. I love the result and I'm so glad Rachel let Kingston poke his nose in.
A photo shoot is such a lovely idea if you have new additions to your family, or for a kid's birthday party or just to record something special like your family decorating the Christmas tree. I love the ideas of getting vouchers towards a photo session, or prints, as a Christmas gift. Check out Rachel's blog for more photos and this super cute shoot she did for Perdie & Boo.
I loved the result of our family shoot so much that I asked Rachel to help me out with an exciting interiors editorial project I'm doing at the moment. The still life scenes are completely different to the active kids she's used to snapping but the results are brilliant! More on that very soon so watch this space!
Rachel Hein Photography

Monday, 3 December 2012

Lindsey Adelman

Incredible lighting by Lindsey Adelman. If I was ever to describe lighting as sexy, this would be it. Sexy.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Three's a Crowd Pleaser /// Cork

Waterproof, durable, versatile and most importantly, sustainable; cork is just all round awesome. Stop thinking about cork in the 70s...It's had a makeover and it's going to save our planet*. Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees, native to the Mediterranean area. It's extracted every 9 years giving the tree enough time to develop the superficial layers of bark, so the tree is never cut down and the surface is not damaged. These trees can live for hundreds of years.
There are some beautiful accessories and kid's toys made of cork, as well as this great tableware (also available in white and lime green). Take a browse here for more goodies.
From a practical point of view, if you're looking for a stool for your bathroom or other wet areas, you can't go wrong with one of these, by Jasper Morrison for Vitra. While we're at it check out this clutch by Monki, my new favourite clothing label.
Here are my favourite suggestions for an earth friendly holiday season.

1 | 2 | 3
*not single-handedly but it will help.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Geometric Tiles

Before I worked in the world of spa design (as I mentioned here), I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of mosaic tiles (or any tile for that matter). They reminded me of cold, clinical swimming pools.
I was quickly introduced to the likes of Bisazza and I haven't stopped exploring the world of beautiful tiles since.
I can't get enough of geometric patterns at the moment, and it seems neither can designer, Maria Lladó. Monochrome is always a winner in my book but she's thrown in some teal and gold for a spectacular colour combination here. It's soooooo good.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Amagansett Beach House

I think I've dreamt of this beach house...If I haven't I will now. If I can't live there, it's what I want my dreams to be made of.
see more here

Friday, 16 November 2012

Three's A Crowd Pleaser /// Unexpected De-lights

Whilst flicking through Elle Decoration last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the new lighting range from BHS. Yep, you heard me, British Home Stores. Not what you'd expect from there...are they? 
Nice huh?!...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nursery Envy

I had to post this awesome nursery even though you've probably seen it. It's a collaboration between Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop and interiors genius, Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House. The photographs were taken by the uber-talented, Laure Joliet.
The routered wall is brilliant isn't it? These images are definite keepers for anyone up the duff, looking for inspiration for a non-gender-specific nursery. doesn't even belong to a baby! It was designed and set up to promote Sharon Montrose's work and there's still time (till the end of today (America time)) to enter the giveaway to win that chair, that cot and $1000 worth of those animal pictures!
image source

Friday, 9 November 2012

Three's A Crowd Pleaser /// Cable Knit

When the temperature dips it's only natural to start layering up your soft furnishings as well as your wardrobe. A mix of textures always works well to cozy up a space and I've seen loads of cable knit items on the market; from cushions and blankets to rugs and even lighting. It's everywhere!
I'd layer it up with a reindeer skin and maybe even a little mohair for ultimate winter warmth.
1. sweater 2 lampshade 3 cushion cover 
If you're keen, there are some great DIY cable knit tutorials via 79 ideas, if you happen to have an old Arran jumper at the back of the closet.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Simple, Beautiful Shelving

Simple, beautiful shelving by Muller Van Severen. The site is definitely worth a look...their work only gets better. 
via I Love Belgium

Monday, 5 November 2012

Calligraphy Inspiration from Sweden

Super talented Swedish designer and calligrapher Ylva Skarp opened up her home and demonstrated some beautiful handwritten Christmas ideas for the latest issue of Lantliv magazine. She lives with her family in an old schoolhouse. The space is incredible and a great example of how to layer up textures for the winter months but I'd like to see this space at night. As much as I love the neutral colour palette, it looks a little chilly. I hope it's flooded with warm light from those lamps in the evenings. Still, if it was offered to me, I'd take it...
Images from Lantliv via 79 ideas 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Three's a Crowd Pleaser /// Letter Sweaters

Presenting three white on black letter sweaters from Chinti & Parker for this week's TACP 
Also, you can give Yeah...Ok...Bye a 'like' on this list of the 'Top 100 Interior Design Blogs' or on Facebook...if you like...
Get your initial or random letter sweater here (with 20% off till Monday 5th November!)...and have an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Kitchen Envy IV

SERIOUSLY, do kitchens get any better than this? If you've seen any, send me pictures...because I don't believe you.
images and design by Retrouvius. Image 2 previously posted on Yeah...Ok...Bye here

Monday, 29 October 2012


Timberyard is on the old site of Lawson's Timber, somewhere I visited for bits and pieces for projects while at the Art School, just next door. It's unusual to find such an industrial space, just off the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, and thankfully the Radford family (formerly of Blue and The Atrium) have embraced it with a white wash and a soft glow of basic bulbs on knotted, basic white cables hanging from the high ceilings. It's so un-Edinburgh, so simple...and so excellent. The concept behind the newly opened venue includes an awareness of sustainability and the environment which not only describes the offering but also the interior. There are polished railway sleepers as tables and the reuse of furniture from their previous venues, as well as reclaimed antique pieces like the old school blackboard displaying the specials. I look forward to returning and seeing how the remaining areas evolve. I've heard rumours of space for a gallery, on the level above the restaurant, in the future, and was too busy enjoying my tasty mallard breast, amazing hot smoked trout and delicious chocolate and salted hazelnut pudding, to get a chance to see the private dining room or south facing courtyard.

My CV is rich in every level of 'front of house' hospitality positions in the years before I finally knuckled down and committed to art school. I loved working in the industry and it's where I met my husband and many friends. In fact, it was probably the most carefree and fun time of my life, so helped that I was in my incorrigible and confident early twenties! With the husband still firmly in the hospitality trade as I've mentioned here and here, I think I'll always feel akin to those on the service side of the bar, so I can never be too critical (unless they are absolutely useless.) As a customer, I've managed to let go of the little things (empty glasses left on tables etc.) and can spot an 'up sell' a mile off but I also appreciate the relentless and sometimes thankless slog the job can be. Edinburgh can feel like a very small town sometimes with a few very difficult customers to please so I refuse to put more pressure on those who are already doing an excellent job.
The service at Timberyard was perfect; attentive, knowledgeable and polite ...and they make an excellent negroni. So... go.
Image 2 by Susie Lowe. All other images from Timberyard Tumblr

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Three's a Crowd Pleaser /// Monochrome

My obsession with all things black and white continues...(see my wishlist from last year).
The fact that I narrowed it down to only three things for this week's 'TACP' (Three's A Crowd Pleaser) has surprised even me.

1 That rug that's been around forever yet, somehow, still isn't on my floor 2 Effie Tuck Stitch Sweater 3 New York Typography print by Emerald Son

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Going Underground

Last night, I watched George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 (UK), the first episode in a new series exploring the way people live in, and transform, small spaces. The highlight for me was this converted underground public toilet in London, cleverly transformed into a beautiful one bedroom home. It's quite incredible how much light floods through the wells from the pavement above. They even have outdoor space...although I'd be quite concerned about the odd drunk using it, and the entrance stairwell, as the space was intended!
Although the final result is certainly amazing, it would have taken some industrial rubber gloves and a ridiculous amount of bleach! What do you think? Would you take on such a mammoth task?
UPDATE: After tweeting Laura Jane Clark, the owner and designer of this underground home, she has clarified that in fact the original tiles in the kitchen were not those of the urinals. They were in fact behind the basins. Much less gross!
images and more info from the Telegraph
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