Friday, 26 February 2010

Handwritten by... me

Where to start?
Well, i suppose, as my intention is for this blog to be about my work, as well as my findings, it's probably best to start by showing you some of my handwriting.
When the time came to think about our wedding invitations i wanted them to be clean, informal (ish) and most of all, very personal to i toyed with the idea of writing them myself. I am also in LOVE with all things letter pressed so after a little help from a graphic designer friend my writing was sent off to the printer to be pressed on simple, postcard size, off white card.
I think the style of our invite says a lot about us & the style of our day. Relaxed, personal, fun and a little bit different. 
Since then I have had several requests from restaurant menus to tattoos and poems from husband to wife, father to newborn baby and more...I'm pretty sure I'll be posting more about our wedding very soon but for now here's a taster of my handwriting work.So, if you need anything handwritten drop me an email!
Photography is a mixture of my own and our wedding photographer Paul from Raeburn & Hamilton
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