Monday, 19 July 2010

365 days ago today...

...the sun stayed out from behind the clouds just long enough for me to walk arm in arm with my dad, through 98 of our most treasured family and friends, who had travelled from near and VERY far, to marry the man I love.
Then it rained.
Then the sun reappeared and we all drank champagne and daiquiris, laughed at the speeches, ate halibut & cheesecake, danced the longest and most awesome Strip the Willow and almost set fire to a small village on the outskirts of Edinburgh with thai lanterns.
I'd do it all over again in a heart beat...including the last 7 years with my now-husband...
Photography by Paul of Raeburn & Hamilton
For more on our wedding have a look here and here


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful photo :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. You look both look stunning. The day looks and sounds as though it was a fantastic wedding, I have a huge smile now on my face.

  3. Happy Anni xx

  4. congratulations. we'll do it again also... any excuse for another holiday x

  5. Hope you got my text but happy anniv. once again G.
    Much love, VT x

  6. Congratulations, you look stunning. I love the pale blue twenties dress I see there, too... x


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