Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wedding Inspiration

I feel the time has come that I can confess that I made a wedding inspration board. Don't judge me. In my defence, being an interior designer I have to create these for all the projects I work on and they are always invaluable, not only to the client but to me too. It helped to get everything out of my head/magazines/hard drive and give the venue dressers a clearer idea of what I was blabbering on about. Also, in my defence, it worked and everything was exactly as we day I might post some of the official photos.
Here it is...a Scottish summer wedding...

I tried so hard not to be a bridezilla but my family, now husband and especially bridesmaids may tell you I 'left the building' for a couple of months before the big day. I'm back now though and am forever indebted to those who stood by me through my emotional blackout x


  1. Oh my God- your wedding was that mood board.
    The crux cae when you started signing off your emails Zilla x


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