Monday, 15 March 2010

Luna di Miele

For our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to relax in the sunshine after having spent a minimal amount of time on a plane. So, after the main event, we gave ourselves one day to spend with the many Australian members of my husband's family, before they all made their way back down under and then, after 3.5 hours on a low-cost, low-comfort airline, we touched down in mediterranean heaven...
We are not the all seeing, all dancing, all experiencing holiday types, so, with the invaluable help of the 'interweb' I booked 2 weeks split between Sardinia and Sicily, staying in 5 very different and interesting hotels (our kind of 'sightseeing'). I like to relax in the sunshine with a magazine, occassionally glancing over at the alarming rate in which the freckles on my deep red haired husband's body multiply and join to create a quite unexpected golden hue. I think growing up in Australia has trained his skin to tan, defying all ginger's quite impressive.
Don't worry I won't bore you with a blow by blow account of our holiday; in fact I'm not sure I even want to share this little gem with the world...or my 2 followers, but I suppose I should spread the love.
This is the Mandranova Olive oil farm and guesthouse. We spent our last three days here, lazing by the tiny but chlorine-free, infinty-edged pool, over looking row upon row of olive trees. We ate fantastic, authentic food at a table with other guests, in the courtyard, at sunset, cooked by, Sylvia the uber-efficient lady of the house. We drank lovely local wine, served by the extremely charming man of the house, Guiseppe, and couldn't get enough of their award winning olive oil. It smells of fresh green tomatoes and sunshine.

Not only does Sylvia run the guesthouse, cook all the meals and give cookery lesson to guests who book them, she also has a very elegant and timeless sense of style. Every guest room is different and the main living areas are decorated and styled beautifully, with a mix of traditional Italian farmhouse decor and the odd piece of Philippe Starck furniture. Unexpected but very well done. We resumed our positions on the bright green, plastic oversized armchairs, in the gardens, for a glass of wine every afternoon...

Here's one from our album; This was our final evening at Mandranova and on honeymoon. Just before dinner was served in the courtyard at sunset.

I booked the Mandranova through Mr. and Mrs. Smith


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this peace. Beautifully written, perfectly described and topped with a hint of amusement. Definately a place I would like to visit.

  2. I would love to hear more about your honeymoon! We are heading to Sicily for our anniversary in September and have already booked at Mandranova. I am so excited!

    1. Drop me an email via my profile (click on 'Lisa' under the About me section at top right of page, then 'email') and I'll give you a list of the other places we stayed. You'll LOVE Mandranova! Lx


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