Friday, 26 March 2010

Joanna Austin

I saw these illustrations at the Edinburgh College of Art Degree show in 2007 and I still love them. There was another one of a drunken couple on a bike and a red shoe flying through the air!
Last I heard, Joanna was doing some travelling. Hoping she'll be back at some point as I love her work!

'I've been working on illustrations for fiction novels, F.Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Collected Short Stories' being one. These images are from a collection of ink drawings for this book from which I have made screen print editions.'
Joanna Austin

Unfortunately there are very few links for her online and her website is no longer running but she entered the V&A competition for 'Illustrator of the Year' in 1997 so if you contact them I'm sure they will pass on her email address.

Sorry about the lack of info folks, I just wanted to share her work with you...

UPDATE: Jo is on the Caymen Islands and her prints are available here

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