Sunday, 28 March 2010

Familiarity Breeds Desire

I see lots of insprational images and beautifully designed homes from all over the world, in books and on the internet, regularly but sometimes it's nice to find somewhere local.
Maybe it's because the clock tower in the picture, of the view out the kitchen window, belongs to the church at the end of my street. Maybe it's because I have the same original flagstone tiles (although slightly more worse for wear) in my kitchen. Maybe it's because we have recently, been tirelessly discussing whether to rip up our 'dog' stained carpets and paint our floor boards. Maybe it's just the familiar New Town Georgian architecture or my obsession with animal skin rugs. Either way, the pictures of this Edinburgh apartment give me hope that one day, with a little elbow grease, dedication and decision making, my flat could look just as pretty.

All images from inspace
Wallpaper available from Cole & Son

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