Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cosmetically Convinced

As I approach the bottom of my squirty bottle of 'toast' tinted moisturiser, I start to think about whether i really need 3 meals a day or...electricity.
Although i look forward to visiting the very lovely, Sadie at Dollyleo, I know it is physically impossible for me to walk in, pick up the product, pay and leave. I will undoubtedly NEED a new funky coloured nail varnish, more of that amazing organic replenishing serum, a decadent scented candle...a little something from the men's section for the husband...the list goes on...and the total creeps up. Not great for a recent victim of the credit crisis...
Sadie very cleverly managed to get me hooked on this luscious tinted moisturiser from Becca. I went in to ask her advise and came out with a perfectly made up face; SOLD!
I never planned to blog about cosmetics but i wanted to post Becca's campaign photography. It may just be me, but i think these images are beautiful. Photoshop or not - the models, the makeup, the colour, the lighting and the tone of the photographs make me want to stare...a lot! Obviously, the more i use the product, the more i'll look like one of these models...?!
Also... Dollyleo's interior and Sadie are on my list of potential posts...keep checking back!


  1. Love your post LGS!
    I completely agree, the replenishing serum is TO DIE. It has changed my skin so dramatically and I'm addicted to Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector. Look fwd to seeing you @ DL soon xxx

  2. I know that it is totally late in the day to comment on this but I LOVE my Becca grapefruit blush stuff, it is blissful. Thanks for introducing me Lis x


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