Wednesday, 28 September 2011

$12,000,000 you may have noticed that I quite like having a look at how, and where, the rich and famous live. Here's Julianne Moore's New York apartment whch, according to Spanish Elle Decor of March 2011, is on the market for a cool $12million. Bargain! I'll take two.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cate James

The lovely Cate James is a printmaker and illustrator based in Edinburgh. Last year she set herself a little project of (read: became slightly obsessed with) drawing the 'beautiful' faces of the guests on the popular daytime TV show, Jeremy Kyle.
Having just become a mother, and having been freelance for the last couple of years, I have to shamefully, admit to having become quite familiar with the show. For those of you who are not, it may help to know that I have to actively avoid it, regularly, as I feel myself losing all faith in human existense and becoming convinced that everyone in the world needs a DNA and lie detector test.
I love Cate's illustrations of the 'colourful' characters who grace Jeremy's stage. I can see how drawing them would get addictive. She has more than 6 sketch books full of them! Wouldn't they make an excellent exhibition?

You can see more of these gorgeous faces on Cate's blog. Cate is currently working on the illustrations for a new series of children's books along with many other projects on the run up to Christmas...keep a look out for her work at Paper Tiger stores.
Illustrations by Cate James

Thursday, 15 September 2011


The beginning of this year saw the end of an awesome shop on my little high street. I have posted about DollyLeo before. It was opened by Sadie Jean Sloss, a very talented make up artist, who, after a busy and succesful few years, building the brand and online shop, has taken a massive leap and upped sticks to New York City.  As the online shop was so successful, Sadie made the difficult decision to continue with that but cut some ties and, sadly, close the shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
The interior was was an ecclectic mix of upcycled furniture, funky lights, dark grey walls, a purple painted floor and some bold wallpaper. It all came together to create a great little space which was unlike any other in the area and perhaps, Edinburgh. The products she sourced were mostly exclusive to DollyLeo and included, the all organic Dr. Alkaitis skincare and the amazing Ellis Faas make up range, among many others.
DollyLeo Apothecary and Sadie are missed around these parts, but at least you can still get all the goodies here.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Brutalist Seating

This sofa is described as 'brutalist'. I can't decide if I like it...the garish red velvetine, the floating gap base, the gaudy metal detail...I don't think it would deal with dog hair and baby puke very well, but it's pretty awesome...and brutal.

available from Talisman London

Monday, 5 September 2011

Aikwood Tower

Whilst I was off growing a baby, I was also working on a very exciting refurb project in the Scottish Borders. Aikwood is a 16th century tower about 40 miles south of Edinburgh, deep in the beautiful Ettrick Valley. With many an outdoor pursuit on its doorstep, my client felt the 5 bedroom tower was in the perfect location to be transformed into an luxurious exclusive-use holiday let and wedding venue. His parents had lovingly restored the tower from a ruin into their home in the late 80's and were now ready to to pass it on to the next generation.
We had three months to turn it around so it was intense and stressful but pretty exciting and everyone was more than happy with the result. I'm pretty proud of it, even if I do say so myself...
We sourced local tweed from Andrew Elliot and Hinnigan (who also made the gorgeous cushions and throws) and scoured antique markets from London to Glasgow, and everywhere in between, to source key feature pieces, furniture and lamps that sit comfortably next to the brand new bespoke items. After many doubts, lots of persiverence, a little convincing, plenty of elbow grease, not to mention the searching, sourcing and shopping, it all came together in the end. What do you think?
P.S. It looks even better in the go ahead and book a long weekend of luxury...
Photography by Douglas Robertson
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