Saturday, 5 June 2010


Sydney based, stylist and designer, Sibella Court has given some of her secrets away in her book, Etcetera, available here. She lives in an apartment above her shop in the Sydney suburb of Paddington. Evidentally, another one of those people with an eye for a bargain and a forté for styling!
I love the rich colours in this image!

One of her tips includes; "Think of all the stuff you own that has emotional or historical significance," says Court. "It's just a matter of finding ways to incorporate them into your surroundings. This means you'll end up with a home that's distinctly yours, and not just a replica of a homewares catalogue."
Nice advice...
The following two images are, of her own home, taken by her brother. Her apartment and shop were featiured on Design*Sponge in February.

I think to be on the right side of the fine line between 'muse' and 'mess' is an art only few are capable of...(a talented photographer brother would also help...) What do you think?

The first two images and the last, are from and the 3rd and 4th are from Design*Sponge

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