Monday, 7 June 2010

The Jura Lodge

I've done a little travelling...more than some...not as much as others, but in my opinion the west coast of Scotland is one of my top 5 most breathtakingly, beautiful places in the world (if the sun shines).
Granted, I may be biased being from Glasgow (hardly the beautiful west coast...but the west none-the-less) but if you ever find yourself on an island off the west coast of Scotland, you will witness turquoise water the Maldives would be jealous of. If you're lucky enough to have your naked feet in the whitest sand, a whisky in one hand and an oyster, fresh out the sea, in the other...well, you might as well call it heaven. As the sun goes down and the breeze picks up, you might need a fireplace, a hot bath and a bed...
The Jura Lodge, the old head distiller’s house next to the Jura whisky distillery has been transformed by Paris-based American designer Bambi Sloan. It's situated on (you guessed it) the Isle of Jura, and is notoriously difficult to get to (as are many others) but I would definitely battle through the nausea-inducing, Scottish B roads and vomit-activating, ferry journeys for a long weekend in heaven...

The Lodge has been open since late 2006 and we still haven't made it over for a visit. What a fantastic reflects the beauty of it's situation; incorporating the island's history and scenery.
I enquired in 2007 about having our wedding there, but with only 5 rooms and it being a bit of a treck (especially for the Australians) it just wasn't ideal, not to mention the cost. To hire exclusively you'll need £2500 per night for a minimum of 3 nights. Our piggy bank just fainted....

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  1. This has to be hotel heaven - my mouth is watering (so are my eyes at the cost of hiring the whole thing) BUT I have added it to my wish list of things to do in life. I LOVE your blog - stumbled across it when looking for antlers and your piece came up about the M&S ones.... they are not going to hit the shops now until December! Boo.... Regards Katherine

  2. Very cool interiors! Have a sweet day!

  3. Welcome and thank you Katherine and Jayne!
    Interesting news about the M&S antlers...wonder what's taking so long?!

  4. Jura is my favourite place in the world. We sailed there many years ago and went ashore at Barnhill where I picked rhubarb from George Orwell's garden!
    Sadly this gorgeous lodge is a little expensive but I can dream anyway.
    LoL the meringue queen x

  5. I like how you showed all of the amazing pictures first and then hit us with the price tag, haha.
    Oh well, maybe if I win the lottery. Thanks for the great pictures, this is an beautiful place.

  6. Hi Lisa. I thought you might be interested to know that Jura has just launched an online travel photography competition to win a week at the Lodge (all trvale & expenses), an Olympus EPL-1 and a two day photogrpahy masterclass from National Geographic's Jim Richardson. You can find out more by visiting


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