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Friday, 8 February 2013

Malmo Apartment

This is the home of Nina Bergsten, head of sales for Swedish fashion label Acne. I've been meaning to share it with you since I saw it in Elle Decoration UK's December 2012 issue and then I discovered it had been published in the January 2012 issue of Residence via Smart Design, so it may look familiar to you (but it didn't to me).
That sofa (by Acne) is is everything else. I'm loving the touches of gold and sporadic marble and smoked glass table tops, bringing the cavernous, ornate spaces in that nineteenth century building bang up to date with a glamour injection. So good.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Living Room Envy

Black, white and blush pink. An elegant combination I've been seeing a lot of recently. I'll take the loft too.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Inside Down Under

I love this interior by Australia based, Scandinavian designer, Anna Carin. It's a good one to add to the inspiration bank for that terraced house renovation project I'll find one day. There are some great tips here for getting the most out of a narrow space. The opening at eye level between the entrance hall and the dining space borrows light and extends the view across the limited width of the house. The kitchen is my favourite space; one elevation is made up of horizontal lines creating an illusion of a longer space. The other, shorter, elevation has tall, narrow units to contrast and maximise storage space. All in all, a very clever and beautiful space.
Images from Anna Carin via Yellowtrace's pinterest board.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Cabin Fever

Take a look at the beautiful photographs, by Brian Ferry of The Blue Hour, of his friend's cabin in the Angeles National Forest in southern California. Quite possibly the perfect and most whimsical place to spend the festive period. Where ever you're spending yours, I hope you have a lovely family friends and food filled few days. Merry Christmas. x
For more Cabins, check out Cabin Porn.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Home Stylin'

Check out this great interior styled by Emily Henderson. I love the easy mix of white walls with richer darker corners and the bright pops of colour. This, to me, is a great 'home', bursting with the family's personality and character. The gallery walls, layered textures and glass pendants give it such a relaxed, welcoming feel. That's a great way to hang kid's pictures too!
Photography by Bethany Duart

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Amagansett Beach House

I think I've dreamt of this beach house...If I haven't I will now. If I can't live there, it's what I want my dreams to be made of.
see more here

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Going Underground

Last night, I watched George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 (UK), the first episode in a new series exploring the way people live in, and transform, small spaces. The highlight for me was this converted underground public toilet in London, cleverly transformed into a beautiful one bedroom home. It's quite incredible how much light floods through the wells from the pavement above. They even have outdoor space...although I'd be quite concerned about the odd drunk using it, and the entrance stairwell, as the space was intended!
Although the final result is certainly amazing, it would have taken some industrial rubber gloves and a ridiculous amount of bleach! What do you think? Would you take on such a mammoth task?
UPDATE: After tweeting Laura Jane Clark, the owner and designer of this underground home, she has clarified that in fact the original tiles in the kitchen were not those of the urinals. They were in fact behind the basins. Much less gross!
images and more info from the Telegraph

Friday, 19 October 2012


In honour of Breast Cancer awareness month and Pink Friday. I've collated some very varied interior inspiration images. Where a splash of hot pink makes a bold statement, I'm more a fan of a touch of blush; be it a sofa, a lamp or a feature wall. The all-pink bedroom below is a little creepy but I'm loving the painted table supports. So feminine and pretty...
one two three four five

Monday, 15 October 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

I never thought it was possible to have the perfect amount of my favourite things in one home. One kitchen even! I'm a big fan of the juxtaposition of textures, especially when that includes rustic versus finished materials, so the kitchen units next to the tile here is making my heart beat a little faster. I'm not even going to mention the floor. It speaks for itself.

This place is so good...AND it's in Spain!
I'll take two. Please.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Zoo

I thought I'd had my fill of all things safari after visiting Edinburgh Zoo (for the first time) a couple of weeks ago, but by the looks of theses photographs, it appears I'm still drawn to interiors with skins, patterns and textures inspired by the kingdom of animals. I went with quite a few members of my family, some of which were over from Australia, to see the famous pandas. As exciting as the pandas were, my highlight were those of another monochromatic nature.........As the heavy rain of the Scottish summer drenched us, my mum and I, separated from the group and pushed a sleeping Sebastian, in his plastic covered pushchair, to the top of a ridiculously steep incline, to see the zebras. There were five of them, all sheltering from the rain, standing under the viewing platform. They were beautiful...perfect. And so close. It was the end of the day and the zoo keepers started calling them up to their shed. The zebras ignored them for a while but after a couple of whistles, they flicked their stripey, funnel-like ears and trotted up the field like obedient dogs. Magnificent.
The point of my rambling? Inspiration from nature in design is, as always, excellent. I love the giraffe inspired rug in this beautiful, masculine interior. 
Much to my disappointment, there are no giraffes at Edinburgh Zoo (Sebastian had a toy giraffe with him on the day to compensate), if there were, they may have stolen the show but for now, the zebras the rain. 
P.S. The shiny, wet hippos (mum, dad and baby) grazing, came in at a close second place.
Interior photographs by the super talented Phillip K. Erickson. Zebra photograph by me on my iPhone 4, then edited with Instagram.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

London Interior

I was pretty speechless when I came across these photographs of  Interior Designer, Shaun Clarkson and fabric designer, Paul Brewster's London home by James Balston. There are too many awesome features, like the painted floors and the glazed panels, to mention but there's one room that I'm saving for its very own post...because it blew me away! Come back tomorrow to see it! 
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