Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Paper Gifts

For our first wedding anniversary we got each other paper gifts.
As we were visiting Paris, my grand plan was to take my husband to the comic book artist, Moebius' shop where he could choose a limited edition print and hopefully have it signed. However, after an expensive taxi ride to the opposite side of the French capital, in a month when Parisiennes generally vacate the city...the shop was closed.
Fortunately, on our last day we took the Metro out to La Defense, home to La Grande Arche and many more futuristic, architectural phenomenons on the outskirts of the city where we happened upon an awesome art store called, Arteum. Needless to say we were there for quite some time exploring the shelves.
I eventually found my 36 year old husband in the 'Petits Artiste' section where he proclaimed, with much excitement, that he had found what he wanted, from me, for our anniversary....a large model cardboard robot by Calafant...
My husband got me 'Sundays Are For Lovers'; a lovely book curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese, by independant American publishers, Lines & Shapes, in which artists express what they like to get up to on a Sunday...I love it.
How do you spend your Sunday?

Book images courtesy of Lines & Shapes via Daily Candy
Robot available from here


  1. We had the Robot for Dexter - he got it as a present a couple of years ago from NY from his Uncle it is nice :-)

  2. Love the cardboard robot, and the book will be added to my Christmas wish list! (my Sundays are spent running, then big brunch breakfast, which kind of cancels out the run!, and catching up with friends)

  3. That book looks so lovely~
    must check it out!


  4. Sundays - Cooked breakfast (only one of the week) as a family and the NOTHING planned; in the tyranny of the rest of the week - school work, swimming lessons etc. it's the one day for just all of us.

  5. Read, go to Mass, lunch/tea/dinner with friends, walks, play music, ...

    I love Sundays.



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