Thursday, 26 August 2010

Caroline Swift Breakables

I get my love for tableware and ceramics from my mum...who incidentally has a thing for spoons too. She has a little table of pretty spoons in the dining room and her collection of unusual ceramic crockery, mostly from degree shows by new designers, is growing nicely too.
Reading this back she sounds a bit like a crazy lady with weird ornaments everywhere but her taste is more akin to the work of former benetton knitwear designer, Caroline Swift's paper thin bone china bowls, pretty spoons and these amazing, intricate, stoneware flowers...i'd be afraid to hold those beautiful bowls too tight!

Made in England and available here...any guesses what mum's getting for Christmas??!


  1. I love your employee of the month is he poachable!!!

    The ceramics are lovely, I too have a thing for nice table stuff, but now have too much of the stuff!

  2. OOOh thanks for the tip sis!


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