Tuesday, 10 August 2010


One of the shops on my list for our trip was Merci, a favourite amongst bloggers and designers, so I couldn't have passed it up...
Merci is a charity shop with a difference; Designers donate peices to be sold and all proceeds go to help children, mainly in Madagascar. A concept put into practice by the founders, of childrens store, Bonpoint, Marie-France and Bernard Cohen.
It still puzzles me though. There were designers there assembling displays, staff, serving coffee and assisting shop and the property itself must have been extortionate!
Either way, what a place!
Jewellery, accessories (including a separate Mulberry bag 'zone') and a beautiful Annick Goutal, D-I-Y perfume bar greet you upon entering the bright, airy shop through the courtyard set back from the busy, Boulevard Beaumarchais. Then you make your way up a couple of steps to the stationery and baby merchandise, and through the huge furniture, clothing (designer & vintage) and homeware section. Then downstairs to lighting (see the Foscarini for Diesel pendants below) and kitchenware, complete with a restaurant and courtyard.
You end up with the irresistible option to exit through the 'used book café' where you can sit on an array of upcycled furniture, (all with price tags) and sip a café creme, whilst perusing the floor-to-ceiling book shelves...

all photography by me


  1. Merci looks totally fabulous, would love to browse the second hand books!

  2. That place looks amazing. I am massively craving a Paris trip now!


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