Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Going Underground

Last night, I watched George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 (UK), the first episode in a new series exploring the way people live in, and transform, small spaces. The highlight for me was this converted underground public toilet in London, cleverly transformed into a beautiful one bedroom home. It's quite incredible how much light floods through the wells from the pavement above. They even have outdoor space...although I'd be quite concerned about the odd drunk using it, and the entrance stairwell, as the space was intended!
Although the final result is certainly amazing, it would have taken some industrial rubber gloves and a ridiculous amount of bleach! What do you think? Would you take on such a mammoth task?
UPDATE: After tweeting Laura Jane Clark, the owner and designer of this underground home, she has clarified that in fact the original tiles in the kitchen were not those of the urinals. They were in fact behind the basins. Much less gross!
images and more info from the Telegraph


  1. The space (and location) is amazing, but I would have got rid of the tiles. Something about that just makes me go yuck.

    I am also really looking forward to this series (going to start tonight!)

  2. Yeah, not sure I'd have kept the original tiles! In fact, not sure I'd have been bold enough to use the space at all.. Incredible, nevertheless
    S x


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