Monday, 29 October 2012


Timberyard is on the old site of Lawson's Timber, somewhere I visited for bits and pieces for projects while at the Art School, just next door. It's unusual to find such an industrial space, just off the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, and thankfully the Radford family (formerly of Blue and The Atrium) have embraced it with a white wash and a soft glow of basic bulbs on knotted, basic white cables hanging from the high ceilings. It's so un-Edinburgh, so simple...and so excellent. The concept behind the newly opened venue includes an awareness of sustainability and the environment which not only describes the offering but also the interior. There are polished railway sleepers as tables and the reuse of furniture from their previous venues, as well as reclaimed antique pieces like the old school blackboard displaying the specials. I look forward to returning and seeing how the remaining areas evolve. I've heard rumours of space for a gallery, on the level above the restaurant, in the future, and was too busy enjoying my tasty mallard breast, amazing hot smoked trout and delicious chocolate and salted hazelnut pudding, to get a chance to see the private dining room or south facing courtyard.

My CV is rich in every level of 'front of house' hospitality positions in the years before I finally knuckled down and committed to art school. I loved working in the industry and it's where I met my husband and many friends. In fact, it was probably the most carefree and fun time of my life, so helped that I was in my incorrigible and confident early twenties! With the husband still firmly in the hospitality trade as I've mentioned here and here, I think I'll always feel akin to those on the service side of the bar, so I can never be too critical (unless they are absolutely useless.) As a customer, I've managed to let go of the little things (empty glasses left on tables etc.) and can spot an 'up sell' a mile off but I also appreciate the relentless and sometimes thankless slog the job can be. Edinburgh can feel like a very small town sometimes with a few very difficult customers to please so I refuse to put more pressure on those who are already doing an excellent job.
The service at Timberyard was perfect; attentive, knowledgeable and polite ...and they make an excellent negroni. So... go.
Image 2 by Susie Lowe. All other images from Timberyard Tumblr

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  1. I've been meaning to go to Timberyard since it opened, but with a waiting list it is proving difficult, maybe I'll get there one day. Looking forward to visiting The Last Word Saloon on Saturday too!


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