Monday, 12 April 2010

Three Times a Charm

A couple of weeks ago, an old school friend contacted me through facebook and requested 3 handwritten copies of this lovely poem to give as gifts. What Words Alone Can't Say, by Nathan Wende was read at her surprise wedding!! They fooled friends and family by inviting them to their 'engagement party'. I love that idea!!
I wrote each out on light-weight, white, line textured paper (my favourite kind) and although they look pretty similar there are slight differences in all three, which i love.

They were framed in contemporary white frames with an off white border. What do you think?
If you would like anything handwritten please get in touch. Check out some other examples here.
My email address can be found here.
All photographs were taken by me.


  1. Your handwriting is beautiful. Where did you learn to write like that?

    PS Great idea for the surprise wedding!

  2. Thank you!
    I wanted to hand write my own wedding invitations and kind of just 'fancied up' my own handwriting for them...people seem to like it and i love doing it!
    Need anything for your wife or new baby??

  3. Wow! Your writing is amazing, these look brilliant!

  4. You got all the hand writing ability in the family. My scrawl is like that of a 4 year old child

  5. Can you post to Australia?

  6. YES! Although you may have to check with Australia Post as I heard it's a bit dodgy...haha! x

  7. Your writing is so beautiful x


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