Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Crosby Street Hotel, NYC

The husband and I have agreed for sometime now that if the opportunity to live in New York should ever arise, there wouldn't be any need for a debate. We'd be ready; bags packed, doggy passport sorted, hands poised and waiting for bagel and 'cwafee' to be inserted...yes please!
In this fantasy life overhaul (humour me on this) I'd imagine we'd need somewhere to lay our excited noggins as we searched for the perfect apartment, dogwalker, job etc.
As much as I hate to inject a little reality into this daydream, I doubt very much we'd be checking in to the beautiful 11 storey Crosby Street Hotel. I don't see anything on the website about allowing 28kilo boxer dogs to rest their weary heads on the high thread count linen let alone relieve themselves in the sculpture garden...(nothing to do with the rates of course)!
We'd very happily settle for afternoon tea or a Sunday night film in the screening room...
Tim and Kit Kemp already have a portfolio of hotels in London. The Crosby Street Hotel is their 1st venture across the pond and opened in October 2009. Interiors are by Kit Kemp.
Click on the pictures for a closer look
Available to book here and here


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