Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Glasgow Boys

'The Glasgow Boys' were a group of young painters who rebelled against impressionism in the late 19th century. James Guthrie, E A Hornel, George Henry, Joseph Crawhall, John Lavery and Arthur Melville all had studios in Glasgow and were great friends. Their work was rejected by London and Edinburgh art circles, as they painted real people in rural scenes, and experimented with symbolic art (before Klimt etc), although the Glasgow Art markets loved it.
The exhibiton is at The Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow and shows some never-before-seen paintings from private collections.
This sort of work may not be what you'd expect to see on my blog but 'The Glasgow Boys' were revolutionary in their time, and I'm a patriotic Glasgow girl so I plan on going along next week. My parents have already been and thoroughly enjoyed it! Who's keen?

Hard at It (1883) by Sir James Guthrie

The Druids – Bring in the Mistletoe (1890) by George Henry and EA Hornel

From April 2010 till September 2010.
Click here for ticket information, and go to The List for more on The Glasgow Boys.
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