Thursday, 29 April 2010

A 2nd Chance......

I don't remember doing anything noteably bad recently.
'God', however, decided to ignore my polite request for this and spite me by gifting it to Sophie Dahl to flaunt on the television in a self-indulgent, post-Nigella-Lawson-esque, erotic, snooty, food fest...(I only saw one episode so it may have got better, and I am, admittedly, a little envious)
I have, however, decided to give 'god' a chance to make it up to me in the form of...this apartment:
...just if you can find the time...please?

Images: Douglas Friedman

1 comment:

  1. Just been catching up on all your blog posts. I think I come from a different world lol. You would be horrified if you saw my house. Beige carpets and magnolia walls, courtesy of RAF housing. I have absolutely no fashion sense when it comes to clothes, homes or cooking. Boring old trout that I am. Your blog makes me feel frumpy lol. I so wish I had style.

    Am going to cry into my Tesco bedding now lol xxx


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