Monday, 21 January 2013

Three's A Crowd Pleaser /// Leather

Following on from my first post of 2013, here's another trend prediction for this year: Leather. It's a fairly timeless texture but little hints of it, faux and real, will be rife this year. This chiffon blouse with faux black leather collar and pocket details is so pretty but I'd love to get my hands on that mirror (check out this DIY clock version). That day bed's tubular steel base adds an industrial element covering another trend for this year...bonus! I've mostly seen black PVC and leather popping up everywhere but I'm a sucker for this more natural tan hue.

mirror / blouse / day bed


  1. The daybed and the Adnet mirror - what a strong couple. Very sleek!

  2. Love the shirt, such a nice addition with the leather collar :-)
    Lianne x


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