Monday, 7 January 2013


I's already the 7th January. It took me a while to get back in the swing of things after enjoying lots of family time. I hope everyone has detoxed, recovered, purged the Christmas tat and already broken all resolutions ready for another fun filled year ahead?!
To take us all into the new year I want to share some predictions of interior trends with you over the next few posts; Something I was asked to write about recently for a local property paper, soon to be published.
I think we'll be seeing lots of beautiful metal framed pieces, powder coated in black or white, or bare naked brass, copper or steel, like these incredible lights by Iacoli & McAllister. I love the simplicity of the single pendant and the drama of the cluster but the two piece is my absolute favourite.
I've seen tables, lighting and and  accessories already and still haven't seen a single metal framed item I didn't like! I have my eye on a white powder coated frame coffee table from Catalog pictured in a previous post (more to come on that very soon). My letter to santa must have gone awray because it wasn't in my stocking on the 25th...

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  1. Now see if I lived in the loft style apartment I still lust after, these would be perfect.


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