Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Textured Ceramics

Two of my favourite things in one...texture and ceramics. Incredible work by Lenneke Wispelwey from The Netherlands. The pretty pastel colours are hard to resist and the chunky textured patterns make the pieces ultra tactile.

The new collection features this piece, titled, "for goodness sake" by Venderbosch & Wispelwey. A collaboration between Lenneke and Inge Venderbosch; an amazing Saké carafe with cups lined with gold...


  1. dear Lisa,
    thank you for your post on your lovely blog..
    "for goodness sake" by Venderbosch & Wispelwey ( the sakéset) is a collaboration project between me and Inge Venderbosch.
    can you please mention her name too?
    thank you in advance
    lovely greetings

  2. These are beautiful - what a great find!


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