Tuesday, 14 September 2010

50's Inspired Curves

I've been thinking about this beautiful fashion shoot from the How to Spend It supplement from The Financial Times since its issue last week.
The 50's are seeing a somewhat glamorous and romantic revival at present in everything from interiors to fashion and even make up (of which this model's is awesome! Check out that white eyeliner!).
It seems the American TV series, MadMen and the beautifully shot, Tom Ford film, A Single Man have a lot to answer for. So far I have managed to catch one episode of MadMen and loved it. I have the full 1st season waiting to be watched from the very beginning and from there hopefully I'll catch up to the 4th!...I have a bit of catching up to do...

Images styled by Damien Foxe for How to Spend it

1 comment:

  1. I love this look, but every time cinched waists and full skirts come in, I seem to be pregnant! Then the minute I get my waist back, it's all about tunics (which are also impossible to breasfeed in, incidentally). It's a conspiracy.

    Just came across you via Caroline, No...


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