Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bedroom Envy

If only I was one of those people who planned their outfit the night before and didn't try on my entire wardrobe at the last minute and then run out of time to put it all away. If only I put my hair products, moisturisers and make up back in exactly the same place I found them, neatly and with all labels facing the front. If only I put away clean clothes as soon as they were taken off the clothes line. If only I didn't have a white dog losing his winter coat. If only I allowed the inner anal perfectionist deep down inside my gut to defeat the lazy, disorganised, procrastinating slob who blocks out her sunshine, then, just maybe I could have a bedroom that looked like this....


  1. I think you just described me.... so I guess this bedroom could be mine? mmm white, a lot of it and children... perhaps not!


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