Monday, 15 August 2011


So...I had a little blog hiatus. For around nine months I didn't feel too inspired in the way of blogging so I thought it best to take a break.
In the meantime, I grew a baby...and this, blogworld, is him...

Many thanks to those who stuck around, apologies to those who have abandoned and hello to those who are new. I promise not to become a mummy blogger and continue, as much as possible, in the same ilk as before, although I can't promise a completely baby free blog from here on in...x
pictures taken by yours truly


  1. I love the middle photo... "I am the champion of the world!!!"

  2. Love these photos, and I have a wee present for him which I will try and bring over today for you. So excited for you, Jason and Kingston :-)

  3. Welcome Sebastian!
    Loving the superman practice - good to get that going early.


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