Friday, 1 October 2010

Behind the scenes...

You may have noticed that I have a fascination with the 'goings on' behind the scenes of film sets, fashion shows, photo shoots, etc etc.
I love these shots, by super talented photographer Ditte Isager, showing the story behind the fantastic imagery she produced for Bloomingdales. I've got to say, I was surprised the bed wasn't just shot in a studio and super-imposed onto a dreamy forest background. It astounds me as to how much work goes into catalogue/advertising imagery, like this, when the majority of people would take a quick glance, lick a finger and flick the page...
I'd love to do some design and styling work for magazine shoots...
image source


  1. She is very talented, I admire her vast imagination!

  2. I pay soooooo much more attention to these shots now than I used to, having done the very first photo shoot for my own shop a few months ago, and having been staggered at the time, work and money that went into a handful of very simple shots. I am now quite simply in awe of such beautiful shots as the one above as a result.

  3. Love the behind the scenes shots - looks like so much work, but the final images are amazing!


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