Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Last Word

Introducing...the husband's new bar!
As I mentioned hereThe Last Word Saloon opened on 1st May. It's an old school, American saloon-style cocktail bar in Stockbridge, Edinburgh with a cracking list of expertly made drinks. It doesn't look too bad either.
I was involved in the interior but only to the extent that a wife can be when the 'clients' are pretty strong minded and creative anyway...either way the result looks awesome (as does that ridiculously handsome bartender). It appears my new moto is 'there is no such thing as too many filament bulbs'...
So, who wants to babysit so I can go and sit at the bar and drink rum?
Photographs by dnanderson


  1. Makes me fancy popping in for a drink ;-)

  2. Looks spectacular! I'd be happy to make a visit! Both for Scotland and the bar. ;)

    p.s. ~ Thanks for the lovely blog link! Much obliged.

  3. Huh? Could've sworn I left a comment earlier today...? Anyway, LOVE the look of the bar! Phenomenal job... spot ON! One more reason to visit Edinburgh.

    And, thanks for the blog link. Much appreciated! :) Happy weekending!

  4. Wow, how fabulous! Next time we're in Stockbridge we are most definitely stopping by. (the beardy bartender will be there, right?)

    1. Ha ha! He might be there but he's all mine...I promise there are others to oggle at, although none as gloriously ginger! x


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